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We love to here from you! When you order from Mad Dash Mixes, you become part of the Mad Dash Mixes Family and as with all families, we love to know what’s going on in your life. Whether it’s teaching your child to cook with our no-bake cheesecakes, or a completely creative version of your favorite soup. Tell us all about it!


  1. Caren E Townsend says:

    I would like to share an alternate recipe, using the NO-BAKE cheesecake recipes. I had bought pumpkin -spice & dreamsicle mixes, I made the pumpkin-spice cheesecake per the recipe using whipped topping. However, realizing that my family & I do not prefer whipped topping in anything, I thought I would try making my favorite cheesecake pie (recipe link here, The ONLY adjustment I made was omitting the sugar from the recipe when I made the dreamsicle flavored cheesecake. It was SUPERB. I am looking forward to going to the Vintage Market in Fort Myers, this weekend to get more mixes. So if you are like me in not liking whipped topping in cheesecake or pies, this alternative may be something you may want to try.

  2. Allison says:

    I saw you guys at Vintage Market Days in Greensboro, NC and fell in love with your spinach artichoke dip as soon as I tasted it! I bought 5 bags that day, and am shopping to buy more. Your dip is seriously the best I have ever tasted, and it hits the spot when Im craving it! (Which is all the time!)

  3. Gail Parker says:

    My husband and I recently visited your booth at the Vintage Market at the Fort Bend County Fairgrounds in Rosenberg, Texas, and loved the samples so much that we bought 12 packages of soups and desserts! What an easy, quick way to whip up a meal when time is short! How often do you add new products? I would be thrilled if you included black bean and chilled Gazpacho soups to your line-up!

  4. CindyOC says:

    I’m making the Mediterranean Pasta Salad but I want to cook and shred my chicken instead of canned or rotisserie. How much would I need?
    Thanks CindyOC

    • Shipping says:

      I would do 1 cup of shredded chicken, so about 1-2 large chicken breasts, a can of chicken equals about 1/2 cup once you drain the juice. Thank you so much for your question!

  5. Deborah James says:

    When I bought at the Vintage Market in Las Vegas you said the Tomato soup makes a fabulous spaghetti sauce. Would you mind sharing the recipe for that?

    • Shipping says:

      Just cook as directed on the back of the package, you can add ground hamburger meat, or Italian sausage. Pour it over gnocchi, angel hair pasta, or any pasta of your choosing, then serve!

    • Shipping says:

      Yes ma’am, we shipped it out yesterday, and an email with tracking and shipping information should have sent straight to your email. Let me know if you have anymore questions!

  6. Michelle says:

    I just received my mixes and I’m very excited to try them. Thank you so much! It was my pleasure speaking with y’all.

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