Dreamsicle “No Bake” Cheesecake


What you need: Cool Whip, cream cheese, and graham cracker crust


Remember those Orange & Vanilla push up pops we ate as kids from the ice cream man?  This is that flavor….it brings back great memories.  You can serve it as a pie or as a dip with graham crackers or fruit.  Enjoy!


Additional information

Weight .34 lbs


  1. Robert Hancox says:

    If you’ve ever had a Dreamsicle (50/50 bar when I was a kid), this will take you back. Tastes exactly like it. It is uncanny. They suggest using an Oreo crumb pie crust. At first I thought it would be an odd combination, but it suits the pie perfectly.

  2. Susan Kliebert says:

    I bought one of these while i was on vacation in New Braunfels…made it, and loved it. Very easy to make. I kept the label so i would be able to order more 🙂

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