Red Beans and Rice



It’s a meal all by itself! Add your favorite meat and/or veggies.

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Weight .44 lbs


  1. Jim Bonza says:

    We used our last one a week ago. This time we did as we said we were going to, added shrimp and crawfish meat to it. It was wonderful. We also added 2 cups of homemade fish stock, using shrimp shells and fish parts we had frozen. Awesome.

  2. Jim Bonza says:

    Did the first one as is when we got home, really great. Did the 2nd yesterday, juiced it up some. Added diced jalapeno and more diced onion. Used 2lbs andouille sausage sliced thin so it cooked faster. Added a 3rd can of beans without draining, and an extra 1/2 cup of rice. Was worried it would lower the spice flavor some, but it didn’t. Really awesome. Want to reorder and use shrimp and crawfish meat next time.

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