Zesty Crab



Add this Zesty Crab Dip Mix to sour cream & mayo, and then chill with or without imitation or real crab.

Serve hot by replacing the sour cream with cream cheese and bake! With a hint of horseradish this bold dip has a zip of spice (2 out of 10). Try topping seafood tacos, as a dip with crackers & veggies, and as a spread on po’ boys.

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Weight .082 lbs


  1. Jim Bonza says:

    Fantastic dip. Did one as is, and spiced up the other with diced jalapeno. Awesome. Also, used the canned “real” crab meat, just drain well, really great. Gonna get more and try with mayo for a sandwich spread for fish sandwiches. Can’t wait to reorder.

    • Steve says:

      Awesome ideas Jim, You’ve got the spirit of a real Mad Dasher!!!

      Keep the recipes coming…

      The Mad Dash Team

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